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QBS is a full-service post-press finishing bindery for printers in Buffalo & Rochester, NY and Erie, PA

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Preserve Your Treasures

Bible Repairs & Binding from Buffalo, NY to Bookworms Worldwide!

Quality Bindery Services Inc. is a comprehensive hardcover and softcover bookbinding for materials new and old. Though we have the skills and equipment for a variety of jobs, our specialty is thesis binding and Bible repair in Buffalo, NY, for book lovers around the world. Thanks to our work, beloved heirlooms, and other such valuables can stay in good condition much longer.

29th Anniversary

Our local business began in 1993 as a post-press finishing bindery for the Western New York, Rochester, and Erie, Pennsylvania print trade industry. Today, we've expanded beyond print to accept online orders for hard cover binding repair, mailing services, and so much more.

Why Go With Us?

Readers and writers the world over turn to Quality Bindery Services Inc. for our expertise in custom bookbinding. We have antique bookmaking and thesis binding equipment with experienced professionals onsite to create the masterpieces.

From repairing Bibles to binding journals, cookbooks, photographs, vanity books, and more, our work helps people preserve their treasures for many more years. All work is completed in the USA at our plant in Buffalo, NY. Be sure to read our rave reviews to learn why our customers consider us the ideal choice.

Quality Bindery Service Inc. is just a call (716) 883-5185 or an email away!

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Movie Props by QBS

Lights! Camera! Movie Props by QBS
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If you’ve watched Marshall with Chadwick Boseman, you’ve seen our behind-the-scenes craftsmanship! We created a prop reporter notepad for the legal drama featuring award-winning Boseman in the role of Thurgood Marshall.


How does the Prop Buyer do their job?
When the Set Director of a movie reviews the shooting script, they develop a list of props needed—like prop baby, prop lamp, prop comic book, etc. These are called “dressing props.” They give a certain sense of period to a place, or they may play a vital role in the story--like the box of chocolates in Forrest Gump. Then there are “action props” like bottles to break during a barroom brawl or, say, a spinning chandelier in a horror thriller.

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May 2022
Featured Review

"WOW!  I love my new Bible.  I simply cannot believe how wonderful it looks. You guys did an unbelievable job repairing it. I never would have imagined that you could have put it back together so well. I truly appreciate your fine work.  I will have many more years of study and inspiration studying God's Word because of your loving care in repairing my scripture.  Please thank everyone involved in the process. Blessings to all." R.