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QBS is a full-service post-press finishing bindery for printers in Buffalo & Rochester, NY and Erie, PA

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Preserve Your Treasures

Bible Repairs & Binding from Buffalo, NY to Bookworms Worldwide!

Quality Bindery Services Inc. is a comprehensive hardcover and softcover bookbinding for materials new and old. Though we have the skills and equipment for a variety of jobs, our specialty is thesis binding and Bible repair in Buffalo, NY, for book lovers around the world. Thanks to our work, beloved heirlooms, and other such valuables can stay in good condition much longer. 

Our local business began in 1993 as a post-press finishing bindery for the Western New York, Rochester, and Erie, Pennsylvania print trade industry. Today, we've expanded beyond print to accept online orders for binding repair and more. 


Why Go with Us?

Readers and writers the world over turn to Quality Bindery Services Inc. for our expertise in custom bookbinding. We have antique bookmaking and thesis binding equipment with experienced professionals onsite to create the masterpieces.

From repairing Bibles to binding journals, cookbooks, photographs, vanity books, and more, our work helps people preserve their treasures for many more years. Be sure to read these rave reviews to learn why our customers consider us the ideal choice.


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Book & Press Blog

My Bible is Falling Apart!

In this blog post we cover some Bible history tidbits and our research on some of today's DIY crazy repair ideas. A worn Bible may take several repair operations and techniques to bring it back to life, and our head bookbinder has more than 15 years’ experience in preserving people’s treasures. We found a quote that spoke to the fact that with use comes damage.

"A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.” Charles Spurgeon

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August 2020

Featured Review

"Before using QBS, we were handling our own mailings which meant leasing postage equipment, staff time and travel time/expense to the post office. As a nonprofit with a small staff, this was not the best use of our time. In 2012, we began using QBS mailing services and have been nothing but thrilled since. Our postage and mailing costs have decreased by almost 50%!"  A.

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