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Partnering with Printers Since 1993

QBS is a full-service post-press finishing bindery for printers in Buffalo & Rochester, NY and Erie, PA

Click here for a list of our services. Providing printers with finishing tips for a quality job from concept to completion. 



 Bible Repair!

Submit a photo of
your torn and worn bible via email to by December 31, 2023. Provide your contact information. A winner will be announced January 15, 2024. What a surprise for a family or family member!

Preserve Your Treasures

Bible Repairs & Binding from Buffalo, NY to Bookworms Worldwide!


Quality Bindery Services Inc. is a comprehensive hardcover and softcover bookbinding for materials new and old. Though we have the skills and equipment for a variety of jobs, our specialty is thesis binding and Bible repair in Buffalo, NY, for book lovers around the world. Thanks to our work, beloved heirlooms, and other such valuables can stay in good condition much longer.

Our local business began in 1993 as a post-press finishing bindery for the Western New York, Rochester, and Erie, Pennsylvania print trade industry. Today, we've expanded beyond print to accept online orders for hard cover binding repair, mailing services, and so much more.

Why Choose QBS?

Readers and writers the world over turn to Quality Bindery Services Inc. for our expertise in custom bookbinding. We have antique bookmaking and thesis binding equipment with experienced professionals onsite to create the masterpieces.

From repairing Bibles to binding journals, cookbooks, photographs, vanity books, and more, our work helps people preserve their treasures for many more years. All work is completed in the USA at our plant in Buffalo, NY. Be sure to read our rave reviews to learn why our customers consider us the ideal choice.

Quality Bindery Service Inc. is just a call (716) 883-5185 or an email away!

My Bible is Falling Apart!

Bible Repair

Please, no Duct Tape or Gorilla Glue!

Back by popular demand! Our most viewed blog post - over 800 views is back for the those who keep asking us about Bible Repair in Buffalo, New York shipped back to your home in Palm Beach, Florida!

Did you know that historically, the family Bible is typically passed down through the matriarchal side of the family, given as a gift to the eldest daughter? Although many families choose to openly discuss who will be the keeper of the treasured volume and further pass it along. In either case, the condition of the Bible’s cover, spine, pages, ribbon markers can gravely suffer over 50 to 100 years.

Our advice is to have an experienced craftsman repair your damaged Bible according to its style and materials.

Bible Repair Blog here.

2023 Case Study
Postcard Print Handling
and EDDM Mailing

Job Description:
After we had Dundee’s Fresh Grocery flyer printed for them, we guided them on how to use EDDM mailing - Every Door Direct services to reach their customers. We pulled the carrier routes from the zip codes they gave us, and we handled the mailing steps.


Customer Kudos:
“The flyers look great!  We have received the extra copies already.  We are getting a great response already! Thanks for all your help and the shepherding of this project for us!  We really appreciate your help.”
Alice S.
Dundee Fresh Grocery

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