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Do You Need Mailing Services?

Lettershop Services, Mailing Lists & Personalization

Why Make Quality Bindery & Mailing Services Your Go-To Company?

We know postal regulations, so you save time and money.
We tell you what postal information to print in order to save time and money in postage and production cost. Printing the correct information in the correct areas helps you meet the post office requirements for size, thickness, width to height ratio -- decreasing your postage cost and making sure your mailing moves smoothly and quickly.

Get better response rates with our design assistance at no additional charge.

We are familiar with techniques that can help increase response rates. For example, a courier font letter always pulls better; 2, 3, and 4-page letters always out perform one page letters. Also we welcome proofing your project before it goes to production to avoid problems.

Increase opens with our personalization mail services.

Personalization inspires the reader to feel that your piece was created specifically for them. It increases results! We have the technology to personalize text and graphics. We help you decide what level of personalization will offer the best return on your investment.


Motivate customers to act with high speed laser personalized text.

Personalized text and graphics help motivate your desired action using high speed black and white technology. It's a lower cost option than digital 4-color printing, and it has shown a dramatic impact on results.

Get the best postal discounts with volume ink jet addressing.
High quality addressing directly onto the self-mailer or envelope make the piece look like it was created just for the reader. A quality delivery point zip +4 and a postnet bar code insures the best postal discount and fastest delivery.

QBS also helps printers create the best "mailing design" for mailers.


Be sure to take advantage of competitive mail handling costs and postage rates!

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Mailing Services

"I called Quality Bindery out of the blue about their mailing services. They were quick with price estimates, helped my client secure non profit mailing status and handled all of our mail efficiently and professionally. QBS was truly part of our winning effort for our client." L.P.

Mailing Lists & Data

Free List Search Mailing Lists
Consumer, donor and business lists are compiled from public information sources, subscriber information and response data -- using geographic, demographic and psychographic data.


Data Processing
Our data processing eliminates duplicates when you combine multiple internal databases. This saves you money on postage and production costs.

Merge Files
We have the technology and the experience to merge a variety of list files together to save on postage costs.

We can take your customer database and match it to databases that have same  demographic and psychographic characteristics -- analyze the info and find prospects who match the profile of your current customer.

We can genderize your data so names have a title of Mr., Mrs. or Ms. This makes your salutation look personal.

NCOA Checks & CASS Certification
We run your database passed the National Change of Address data, and standardize your data using postal service authorized software to insure that you meet all postal standards and qualify for the best postal discounts.

Designing your own 6" x 4.25" postcard? Are you uncertain about the USPS mailing regulations for the address side of your card? Download this PDF postcard specification template to use as a guide!

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