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Did you know it’s the law? QBS has your back!

By the Corporations Act 2001 - Section 251A Law, a company must keep recorded minutes of proceedings at both shareholders' and directors' meetings. Signed minutes are evidence of the resolutions to which they relate.

As a sign of the times, we see minutes saved electronically.

But God forbid a cyber attack--and whack! A corporation, legislative assembly, homeowners’ association, county, fire district, union, healthcare organization could find itself without its legal binding documents.

Quality Bindery steps up to save the day!

Hardcover bookbinding is perfect for minutes / legal documents / logbooks / periodicals and newsletters. We provide tamper-proof binding for legal documents in durable hardcover book cloth or leather. These types of record keeping books regularly serve as references. That’s where our artisan binding techniques like Smythe and cord sewing styles, and whip stitching and fan gluing make sure the books are sturdy and will last lifetimes.

The documents are beautifully bound in volumes of any size and thickness. Custom foil stamping on the front and spine of organization name, dates, and more help keep important records in order and easy to find.

Customers provide us with the printed pages or binders of the documents. Or we can print the pages with the customer’s Word documents or PDFs. The price varies based on the number of pages and the paper selected.

An exceptional minutes' binding testimonial

Here’s what Bethany A. Aradine, Executive Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Genesee Community College, has to say about QBS helping her duplicate an over 50-year bookbinding tradition for the Board’s minutes.

“Sending many thanks to you and your company for your availability, creativity, and commitment to what you do. I was tasked with similarly replicating hardbound minute books in a similar fashion to what we’ve done for over 50 years – and you did it. Not only did you meet our needs, but you far exceeded them! Your responses to my many questions were quick and helpful. You offered creative ideas to help me stay within my budget. As a result, you’ve earned (and very much deserve) our repeat business. In my experience of doing procurement for services, a company like yours shines compared to others. So again, thank you for such great customer service, not to mention great quality work for a reasonable price. Kudos to you and your entire team!”

Legal Doc Trivia

Why, if Board meetings can go on for hours, the summary notes are called “minutes?”

The words “minutes of a meeting” originated from the Latin minuta scriptura, meaning “small notes.” So essentially, it means condensing the meeting down to the most important points. They should contain the title, time, date, place of meeting, names of attendees, apologies/corrections, visitors, items, actions required, or decisions made and date for the next meeting.

To learn more about Quality Bindery Services' hard cover binding services visit our website page dedicated to this service.

For ordering information and specifics head over to our ordering page.

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