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Mechanical Binding Tip to Save You Time and Money

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

When you send us collated sets to Mechanical Bind – GBC, Spiral (Coil) or Wire-O, you can collate the covers in with the text, and NOT use a slip sheet between the books.

The covers will act as the slip sheet, and it lets the operators know where the book starts and ends. EXCEPTION: If the cover is larger than the text, the covers should come to us separately for the paper binding services.

Definition of mechanical binding for Merriam Webster Dictionary is a type of binding (as for a notebook, catalog, price list) holding pages together by spiral wire, plastic combs, or metal rods. This method of book binding -- binds the pages of a book together, allowing the book to lay flat.

When in doubt, call Chuck.  Discuss your upcoming job before it's on press.  See how the layout can affect how smoothly, cost effectively and efficiently your job will run.

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