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Print Book Market Booming

Did you know print books out-sell eBooks 4-to-1!

And according to statistics from the Book Manufacturers Institute (BMI), there is a revival of the North American book market. The number of printed books sold in the US increased from about 694 million in 2019 to 750 million in 2020—and the growth trend is continuing into 2022.

Book manufacturers report they are spending monies on maintenance and new equipment. They are investing in both offset and digital printing capabilities so publishers can meet production needs from a single source. In addition, the cost savings in offshore production are losing their allure due to supply chain delays and additional shipping costs. Once again, “Made in America” has a great ring!

Finishing and bindery work also sees a resurgence with the demand for hardbound and softbound books. New state-of-the-art binders can cut set-up times to less than an hour—with shorter runs and more digitally printed books, having a quick change-over from one job to the next is essential, shared Andy Fetherman in his article, Revival of the North American Book Market.

Physical books rule!

One of the main reasons physical books are here to stay is because the next generation is already smitten and in love with reading print books. by Pew Research Center shows that the most enthusiastic readers are between 18-29, with 81% of the age group reading a book in 2019.

Other reasons people reach for a book and not their e-reader is:

• Traditional books don’t cause eye strain from a backlit screen.

• Holding a book is tactile and offers an overall more fulfilling experience.

• Reading a print book offers a low-tech experience—no pop ads for the latest exercise equipment or low battery indicator light appearing right at the good part of a chapter.

• Statistics show people learn and retain information longer when it’s read in print format.

• It helps the environment—e-readers take more carbon to produce than physical books. When discarded, they lead to toxic electronic waste where old books can be recycled with other paper products.

Reach for a book today!

Books have been around since ancient times. They entertain, educate, and motivate us to lead fulfilling lives. With technology and devices seemingly taking over our everyday world, it is refreshing to know that the printed book continues to stand the test of time.

And remember, if any of your favorite books are worn or the cover is tattered, at Quality Bindery Services we repair books and bibles! Learn more about our services to preserve your treasures!

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