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#Thankaprinter For All They Do!

In conjunction with the PIA (Printing Industries Alliance), Print Media Centr, and INKISH.TV, we here at Quality Bindery Services want to step up and cheer our print industry! The COVID-19 pandemic caught us all off guard. We went from our normal printing and post-press jobs to being an "essential business." If you'd have asked us in December if we were "essential," we probably would have laughed and agreed wholeheartedly! Because it's a fact - quality printers and binderies do have some super-sized egos and pride in our work. Yet, come mid-March when brochures, safety instructions, signage for social distancing, classroom at-home documents, and more were needed to keep our lifelines open, printers stepped up. When supplies ran low, printers used their equipment to forge PPE face masks and more--with 3D printers making parts for life-saving respirators.

Designation as an "essential business" has now taken on new meaning--one the industry earned. We've been proud to be open during the lockdown, with our staffing and jobs staggered to meet the demand.

It's with great pride we share this video tribute to printers. Please use the hashtag #thankaprinter when sharing this video. The campaign was created to acknowledge print service providers who have stayed open and/or adjusted their manufacturing to provide resources to first responders and others. It also points out why the printing industry is essential to the function of society, which was proven during the pandemic.

Special thanks go out to Deborah Corn of Print Media Centr, and Morten Reitoft, CEO of INKISH.TV for creating this amazing video.

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