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Family Owned & Operated Corporate Culture

The 25+ years of work hard / play hard corporate culture has made QBS the international success it is for its quality bookbinding, thesis binding and Bible repair services. Get the job done right -- yet, check out what the bowling scores were Thursday night in the lunchroom. It's not uncommon to have three family members working the same shift--a grandmother, grandchild, and a cousin. The picnics and parties are fun for both employees and vendors. QBS is a great place to work! Click here to ask for information on employment opportunities with QBS.

The management team has declined use of traditional head and shoulders photos of themselves, so we've kept the "fun up" by interpreting them with some familiar animals!

Kathie Hartmans

Kathie is the queen of the jungle. She looks after all her customers, staff, printers, and vendors.

Kathie Hartmans

Kathie was born and raised in Buffalo.  She received her B.S. in Business Administration from SUNY Fredonia. She embarked on career positions that supported her enthusiasm as a Buffalo booster. Her years in the hospitality industry helped her hone her sales and management skills. One of Kathie’s key accomplishments with the CVB was to create the Buffalo Ambassadors’ Program. In 1991 Kathie took a sales job with MM Bork & Sons Bindery. The new job fed her innate love for both books and manufacturing.  As they say, the rest is history!

Since 1993 Kathie has contributed to both the print industry and small business community.  She currently serves as the Chairwoman of the Printing Industries Alliance (PIA). Kathie also served as President of the local PIA Chapter 2001-02. She received a 2002 Pathfinder Award from the Buffalo Alliance for Education, and she was named the PIA 2002 Printing Executive of the Year. She also graduated from the UB School of Management Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership in 2001. 

Good News!

QBS Featured in Spectrum TV Feature on Hard Cover Bookbinding.

On August 20, 2021, Brianne Kocher of Spectrum NEWS1 interviewed Quality Bindery Services head bookbinder Dennissee Santos. The feature was titled "Western New York woman finds purpose and passion in bookbinding." Dennissee discusses how she learned the art of bookbinding at QBS close to 20 years ago. She explains what is involved in -- what could be considered a lost art, the artisan craftsmanship of hand bookbinding and book repair.

Gadzooks Tour of QBS.jpg

WNY Book Arts Center "Gadzooks" Group Tour & Bind Hardcover Books of Their Own

"Thank you so much for such an incredible tour and bookbinding workshop at the plant. We're so grateful for the opportunity to visit your space, and learn more the history of bookbinding and get to bind hardcover books of our own!"

Nicole Cooke, Executive Director

WNY Book Arts Center

Chuck Stachowiak

Chuck's knowledge of the industry is key in the bindery's success. He is the wise guy of QBS, and his feathers never get ruffled.

Chuck Stachowiak Jr.
Vice President | Operations

Chuck gets things done, a regular "go to" guy! Chuck has fugitive glue in his veins. He started in the business in 1974 at Hoffman Printing as a helper on the web offset press. He worked his way into the folding area of Hoffman bindery as an apprentice.  He was taught and mentored by Ronnie Kanai -- who himself is recognized as an expert in the bindery trade. With more than 40 years in the print industry, Chuck is now “the man” the other binderies call for information and assistance when they are in a "bind."

Chuck's on-the-job training and experience in problem-solving combined with the knowledge of printing operations, makes him an ideal post-press finishing manager. There isn’t a fold he can’t do or a machine he can’t operate.  He continually comes up with a better way to lay jobs out in order to benefit our customers with a less expensive fold or quicker finishing techniques.

David Borics

Dave is the take charge guy for 2nd and 3rd shifts. He's aptly called "gorilla."

Dave Borics
Vice President | Production

Dave started working at Hoffman Printing in the maintenance department with load mover responsibilities.  Similar to Chuck, Dave worked his way into an apprenticeship in the bindery on the saddle stitchers for 10 years. With years of training and on-the-job experience, running and managing saddle stitching and other machines is second nature to Dave. He joined Kathie and Chuck in 1993. The dynamic trio each respected the others expertise and talents.  Dave’s quiet, yet determined personality, fit particularly well with running the 2nd and/or 3rd shifts as Quality has grown. Sometimes shift changes can cause bumps and bruises, but with night owl Dave running the operation, QBS has managed the shifts and finishing quality work much to our customers’ satisfaction. 


Cathy qualifies as a dependable carrier pigeon. She figured out early the secret of how carrier pigeons were trained and works her magic.

Cathy Rajca

Director of Mailing Services


Cathy’s career in the “bulk” mailing industry began by accident in 1995. United Educational Services’ publisher (her dad) and distributor of educational testing material was closing. JMB Mailing Services was contacted to see if they were interested in any of their mailing equipment. Next thing Cathy knew -- she was immersed in the mailing industry, now referred to as “presort standard mail.”  She learned all she could about processes, mailing techniques, dealing with the post office and deadlines. If there is anyone who can figure out what the post office is talking about, it’s Cathy! Her full-time employment followed as JMB was purchased by Buffalo Mailing Services which eventually was acquired by Quality Bindery Services Inc.


Girl Scouts Get Their "Book Artist" Badge
Girl Scout Troop 31792 saw a demo on how we make hardcover books. Then, with our help they spiral bound or wire-o bound the books they designed and wrote themselves. Six moms participated and also had a great time!


QBS on "Buffalo Means Business" WBEN Radio
Kathie Hartmans and Amy Allen of People, Inc. were interviewed by Buddy Shula on his news talks radio show. The discussion included training and job coaching, and why they both strongly recommend other small businesses use People Inc.’s placement services.



1993 to Present Member
2020-2022 Chairwoman

2002 Printing Executive of the Year

2001-2002 President

WNY Book Arts Center.jpg

2016 to Present Member
2021 Vice Chairman

Friends of Music.jpg

2005 to Present Board Member
2021 Secretary

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