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Is Your Treasured Bible in Need of Repair?

Traditional Bible Repair in Buffalo, NY

Has the spine of your Bible cracked? Are the pages falling out? Bring or ship it to Quality Bindery Services Inc. for Bible repair in Buffalo, NY. Our family owned-and-operate company provides a range of traditional binding services to make your holy book look like new again.

Whether your Bible is a personal treasure or a family heirloom, it's in safe hands with us. Since 1993, we've helped families and individuals preserve their religious legacy. We understand how important your Bible is to you; it's the book you turn to when you need guidance and hop. In addition, many families record their family tree in their Bible, passing the book down for generations. Whatever your Bible means to you, we'll treat it with the reverence and care it deserves. 

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"It can make a person nervous to deal with a new company, across the Internet and country for the first time. Especially when repairing a treasured book with a lifetime of memories. Today, I received my wife's Bible from you. The craftsmanship is outstanding.  The new cover is better than the original!  I am very pleased with your work, and my wife will be as well." D.W.

Torn Bible Spine

"WOW! I love my new Bible. I simply cannot believe how wonderful it looks. You guys did an unbelievable job repairing it. I never would have imagined that you could have put it back together so well. I truly appreciate your fine work. I will have many more years of study and inspiration studying God's Word because of your loving care in repairing my scripture. Please thank everyone involved in the process. Blessings to all." R.

Thanks to our skills and variety of materials, our Bible binding services include both repair and customization. Make your Bible truly your own.


Some options include:

  • genuine leather

  • imitation leather in a variety of colors

  • foil stamping on cover and spine

  • name personalization

  • ribbon markers

  • and more


All Bible Styles Welcome

Over the centuries, Bible have been printed in a variety of forms. Whether your Bible has a soft cover or hard cover, our Bible repair bookbinders can fix whatever the issues are.


Our bookbinders are true craftsmen and artists. They work with all types of materials, including cloth, paper, and leather. No matter what your Bible originally looked like, we can restore its appearance -- or give it an updated look. Reach out to our company to learn more about our repair services and get a quote for your job.

Contact us today for more information.

Customization Options

Bible Spine.jpg

Click here to watch our head bookbinder's step-by-step process on how she binds a hardcover book. With the same process used for repairing Bibles.

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